miércoles, 11 de mayo de 2011

Best News i've read today

Today i had receive the best tech news of the day, for my interest.
Since they came out, i'm a real fan of Solid State Drives, because of they performance and speed, but myself couldn't decide to give one to my laptop, because the cost that involves.

One of the main reasons that SSDs are not crowded is cost, which currently is estimated to average $ 2.5 per gigabyte.

Clear that this could have a drastic change from the second half of next year, when prices of these devices have a drop of up to 60% remaining at $ 1 per gigabyte.

According to Gartner, the company that conducted the study, the decrease in the cost of SSD would be mainly to develop new manufacturing methods that increase their storage capacity at a lower cost. To this must be added the fact that more and more companies are opting for this type of storage units, which naturally affects that prices will fall.

It is hoped that the outcome of the consultancy is met, there are many benefits that SSDs provide as to not invest in them.

Source: Crunchgear

viernes, 6 de mayo de 2011

Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas for Tech Mom

Are you still wonder how we can bring mom to the digital Era? Still looking for that modern gadget to give to your mom?

1.- How about this Wi-Fi photo and video frame, can be found for around $100US on Amazon. Pictures and videos can be copied to the frame or transmited directly trought a Wi-Fi conection.

2.- Or maybe this, a 3-in-1 photo scanner that doesn't need any computer or software to make it work, instantly scan pictures or negatives and puts them on a SD card, to have all of those valuable images. Furthermore, she can use a computer or a digital frame to revive and share all of her saved pictures.
This baby can be found arounde $112US on Amazon

3-Maybe she is into music. If she have an IPod, this it's not a bad choice.
This is Altec Lansing inMotion iM600, it's a set of portable speakers that can be found for around $69US o Amazon, and they are very portable, can be folded and have an FM receiver to take the almost everywhere.

Or maybe you are thinking on give her a digital camera or a bigass LCD so she can view all of the family photos and videos in all of their magnitude.

Please can you guys contribute?
What tech gadgets you're thinking on give to your mom?

miércoles, 4 de mayo de 2011

The Technology behind L.A Noire "Technology behind performance"

Ok you got me, i promised myself that i wouldn't talk about games, but it's one thing that still attract some of my interest, not in the graphics or the hours of entertaiment they provide. My interest goes directly on the technology that comes with them, i mean it's just like movies now a days, to make a revolutionary game, studios have to create revolutionary techniques, just like new movies as i said.
All said, i think "L.A Noire" is one of the best examples of what i'm talking about.
Bringed by "Rockstar", the same creators of "GTAIV" and "RED DEED REDEMPTION" one of the most awarded games out there.
Word doesn't come handy for what you're about to see, the only thing i can say it's prepare for some "jawdroping" images.

Source: L.A Noire, Rockstar Games

martes, 3 de mayo de 2011

Breaking news and malware scams

It's the same collateral effect that happened when the miners here in Chile got trapped.
Extensive mail chains where created with the purpose of bring people's attention, and what those e-mails contained was for sure a picture of a video of the most anticipated moment, for example: 'miners alive exclusive video' or now 'osama hanged of a tree (exclusive footage?)'. Still i wonder if people really get caugth with this messages.

 I guess we are not the only ones that put attention to news anymore, hackers also are doing it, and they are taking advantage of them.
So all i'm saying is that no country is free anymore of internet hackers, the only thing we can do to be more secure it's a more educated population in matters of internet traffic and dargers.

lunes, 2 de mayo de 2011

Today's Project

Today's project was to setup a Hotspot server. 

The best solution i came up with was to set up EasyHotspot. It runs on linux and only need a pc with2 Ethernet interfaces, the requieriments are pretty low, actualy the whole system has it's own distro based on ubuntu 9.04, so it can't be more simple to install.

It Features:

 Multiple users supported by MySQL Database.
A Cashier system that automate the charging on the client.
A vert user friendly interface that can be personalized with your custom homepage.

You always can check their blog to see more diagrams of how it works.

The only trouble i came up with is that you need to have a valid CA Certificate to put on your server. But its easy to avoid this, replacing the login page that came with SSL, to a login page that it's handled by php, the procedure can be found on their forum.

Great way to charge your neighbours for a shared Wi-Fi.

domingo, 1 de mayo de 2011

Wait i've started without a proper introduction

Hello everyone.

Lately I've been thinking about opening up what is already considered a must, and what better way to write about things I like. This blog will be mostly my opinions / comments on the tech news of the day to day.

Student use television antennas to increase range of WiFi network

Ryan Guerra, a graduate student at Rice University, devised a method to extend the reach of WiFi networks using unused TV signals. The project is called "Super WiFi" and is to change the frequency of Internet signal, allowing it to be transmitted in the television spectrum, increasing its reach to more than 1.6 kilometers (one mile). The idea is to provide internet to those households that are blocked from the internet is free in some cities due to the height of trees, mountains or other obstacles. Testing was done in a house that was not enough to connect because of the tall trees that were outside. However, using "Super WiFi" signal was able to enter the house. This is even more interesting when one considers that the vivienva was more than 1.5 kilometers from the transmission tower. War is part of a research team that is working on the development of internet transmissions through space without using TV. To achieve the test make it work, Guerra used a standard WiFi card connected to a frequency translator, developed by Lucent Alcaltel. Finally, the translator was connected to a TV antenna to connect to WiFi.

Ubuntu 11.04 Consume mas energia que sus predecesores

Al parecer no todo lo que brilla  es oro, y asi es como lo comprueba el nuevo sistema operativo Ubuntu. Ya muchos han sido los usuarios quejandose de Unity, además de los millones de usuarios reportando errores del sistema con las tarjetas graficas Nvidia.

A eso se suma hoy el descubrimiento realizado por Phoronix  en este nuevo OS, señalando que gracias a su nuevo kernel e interfaz gráfica, estaria consumiendo alrededor de 30% más de energia que sus predecesores.

P.D: Se reportan casos del mismo comportamiento en todas las distribuciones que usen la version de Linux kernel 2.6.38.